Wealth Management

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At McCarthy Wealth & Tax Advisors, we have a fiduciary responsibility for each of our clients. Since we do not operate on commissions, we are completely transparent on your portfolio choices and investment options. As a full-service, fee-only wealth advisory firm, we are able to build your portfolio with independence and with your best interests in mind.

Through our fee-only, Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have investment options to meet your needs, including:

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • DFA funds
  • Institutional funds
  • Individual stocks and bonds
  • No-load mutual funds
  • REITs

We are able to offer a diversified, well-rounded portfolio of investment offerings which are tailored to your unique situation.

Steps to Success and Wealth

1566096_smallWealth management begins with a destination. We need to know what you want to gain and where you want to go. Are you concerned with education planning, retirement funding, or both? Do you want to purchase a vacation home, travel the world, or spoil your grandchildren?

No matter what you are trying to accomplish financially, we focus first on defining your monetary goals and objectives. Then we conduct thorough due diligence to determine what cash-flow considerations, tax concerns, asset allocation requirements, and investments are suited for your needs.

We balance your financial needs and expectations with risk aversion, diversification, and long-term goals.

Our typical client meets the minimum of $250,000 but we assess each client on an individual basis.

Call us today for a meeting to discuss your financial needs, concerns, and goals.

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